December 28, 2014

Our Christmas {Perhaps Christmas Means a Little Bit More...}

When I look back to my childhood I find the memories that have stayed with me all these years are those of tradition, values and love. Each Christmas Eve was spent with my mother's family at my Nonna's house. To this day the smell of fried fish and freshly made zeppole take me back... I can recall the sound of Elmo & Patsy & Christmas Time with The Judds playing on the radio... Christmas Day was always spent at my Papa Joe's or at my Aunt Diane & Uncle Mike's house as it still is to this day....
Our family has seen tremendously painful loss in the recent years, yet we always find our way back to the magic of Christmas and the comfort and joy it brings us each year.... We sit at the same table and watch our children unwrap gifts in the same living room under the same tree...
New traditions are made as my husband and I try to give our children the same memories we shared growing up. And as children, I'm sure each of us received some pretty amazing gifts from Santa over the years, it seems I can't recall them all, only a couple favorites... but what has stayed with me all these years are memories. Wonderful profound memories of family and friends coming together... Of me going to midnight mass as a child with my Nonna.... As cliche as it may sound, my fondest Christmas memories weren't found in boxes wrapped in ribbons and bows that stay in my heart, its the memories of the joy I found being with my family. After all, if we didn't have each other, what would we have to celebrate on Christmas Day?
I pray in my heart that my children grow to learn the true meaning of Christmas and keep it inside them for years to come....
Here is my gift to you... Our 2014 Christmas memories....



"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. "Maybe Christmas,...perhaps.... means a little bit more!"
 ~The Grinch
Wishing you the fondest of memories this holiday season!

December 16, 2014

Twenty Five Photos of Christmas {Our Home}

Each year I come into the holiday season with millions of ideas and intentions, and each year I promise myself I will get them all done!!
I have a continuous list and hundreds of pins that I want to make and have come to life.... and then "life" sets in.... School, homework, parties, my day job, family and everyday life simply get in the way...
I had a wonderfully amazing home tour planned for you, but it just didn't happen this year.... Each year I try and top myself and I think I did ok this year.... I'll just have to start preparing for next Christmas in June!! Ha!
So, here it is... just for you. Our Christmas Home in twenty-five photos...

That's about it... Thank you all so much for being here, it truly means the world to me....
Merry Christmas to all...

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December 2, 2014

The Countdown Begins {Christmas Vignette & Advent Calendar}

There's nothing I love more than the holiday season....
From trimming the tree to making home made ornaments and baking cookies... all these things bring back precious memories from my childhood and there is nothing that makes me happier than creating these same memories with my children.
One thing I always remember is having an advent calendar in our home....
The old ones with the box and chocolate for each night.  I looked so forward to counting down the days until Christmas and now I get to share the exact experience with my own children... and I made sure to make it extra special.
This year I made my very own advent calendar with free a printables  from Ella Claire. The printables are super cute and really are a lot of fun and easy to use!! No special rules just do what works for your family!! Here is the advent calendar all put together and a peak at my Christmas vignette!!

So, what do you think?
I love the vintage screen I purchased off of this Etsy shop!
It came just in time and the super cute red and white French stripped ribbon came from this Etsy shop was the perfect added touch!! Could not be more happy with how this all turned out!! Be sure to check in next week for my Cozy Christmas Holiday Home Tour!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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