Wednesday Wish List {Marquee Lights ~ ON SALE!!!}

April 30, 2014

Hi friends!!
Hope you are having a great week so far!
The weather here in CT hasn't been so great the past few days, so I've been
in doors stirring about trying to find another project to tackle! I just can't
let things be!! I'm always wanting to switch things up!! It seems
my little lady is taking after her mama in that respect as well....
 A certain five year old girl would like her room "updated".
Wasn't her room just finished last year you ask??
Yup! Sure was, but little missy would like a vanity table in her room
rather than a large desk and she is asking for cork board to put all her
junk paper treasures on.... What she is asking for is totally do-able, so while
we're at it I asked her if she would like a new night light.... Poor kid just
 looked at me perturbed and then I showed her this picture.....
Adorable right??
This heart and a so many other vintage marquee lights can be found here.
I wish I had a camera in hand to catch the expression on Gracie's face as she
grabbed my phone to see this beauty up close!! "This is my new night
light??!!" She could barely contain herself!! Nether could I once I learned it
 was on SALE!! My four favorite letters!!
I really didn't have this marquee light on my "wish list" per say, but I have
had all intentions of purchasing the letter J from this shop for a while now.
For my son's room.... He's still little so there's no rush there.
Here are some more fun was to display these awesome lights.

I'm just in love with that heart and yes it has been purchased!!
I could not be happier and I'm sure Gracie will have no problem
sleeping in her "big girl" room now, not with that new night light!
All of these vintage marquee lights can be found at the
Vintage Marquee Shop on Etsy. And yes, the sale is still going on!!
Which one is on your wish list and what would you do with it??
 I would love to hear from you!!

Favorite Home Friday {HGTV's New Show Fixer Upper}

April 25, 2014

Hi friends!
Better late than never!! I didn't forget about you....
Today my family and I laid to rest my 91 year old "Poppi".
As I sat in the funeral parlor I kept telling my family that this was a
time to celebrate a life well lived and well deserved....
He lives a new life with our lord and those that have gone before us....
Now.... on to my favorite home today.
All the details and more photos of this home can be found here.
It is from my new favorite show Fixer Upper on HGTV.
If you missed my feature about the hosts of this show you can find
it here along with a tour of their farmhouse.
My apologies for the short post, but it's been a very long few days and
I need to catch up with my babies...
Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week....

Wednesday Wish List { vintage doors}

April 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday friends!
Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Mine was bitter sweet this year....
Easter Sunday brought lots of laughter lots of chocolate and whole lot
of tears.... Easter Sunday afternoon my ninety-one year old grandfather who
we call "Popi" or "Papa Joe" was called to heaven....
Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but knowing that they are in a
better place does bring peace of mind.... At least for me anyway.
Today I'm back with my Wednesday Wish List!!
I have always loved the look of old doors. Everything old has a story and a
journey and I just think it's kind of neat to have something like an old door
to display and give new life in our home.... There are so many different
ways you can re-purpose an old door and here are some ways that are
on my wish list.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
I think I may have found a decor solution for my large living room wall!!
Now all I need to do is find two small vintage raised panel doors!!
It's a good thing I'm not in a rush!!
Enjoy the rest of the week and be sure to check back in on
Friday for another one of my favorite homes feature!!

What I Made {The Ultimate Easter Sugar Cookie}

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter friends!!
Just stopping in to wish you all a blessed Easter Sunday and share my recipe
for a super quick and easy Easter sugar cookie. I call it the ultimate Easter
sugar cookie because it has three of my favorite Easter candy...
Cadbury Mini Eggs, Rolo's & Nestle Crunch Eggs!!
You can use any Easter candy you have left over and whip these up
in less than ten minutes!!
The Ultimate Easter Sugar Cookie
1 (15oz) package Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix
1 Egg
1 Stick (1/2 cup) butter softened (not melted)
Assorted Easter Candy (shelled candy works best)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Heat oven to 350 degrees
Prepare your candy. You will need at least a cup of candy chopped. If you are using shelled candy or large pieces of candy be sure to chop them up well using a knife or I used my mini Cuisinart food processor.
Stir cookie mix, softened butter, egg and vanilla in a large bowl.
Once mixed well fold in your candy mixture.
Scoop cookie & candy dough mixture and place on a ungreased cookie sheet. I used a small ice cream scoop.
Bake for 5-10 minutes or until light golden brown.
Be sure not to over cook!
Cool 1 min before removing from cookie sheet.
There are great a little on the warm side!!
This is the prefect recipe for the kids to help make & enjoy!! 
Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!! 

Favorite Home Friday {simply farmhouse}

April 18, 2014

Happy Friday friends!!
I have been looking forward to this post all week!!
I am so excited to introduce you to my favorite home this week!!
Honestly, I can't explain exactly how I found this gorgeous home, but I
can tell you that you will not be disappointed!
Today I am so pleased to share the design styles of
Simple is an understatement for sure!!
When I contacted Danielle from simply farmhouse I was so ecstatic that
she agreed to let me feature her home and furniture creations for my
Favorite Home Friday feature! One thing I love to do is find ways
to inspire others and my wish is that this feature holds true to that.
All I can say about simply farmhouse style is this. If you love vintage
 farm styles, furniture and interiors you are going to love fall in love with
this home.... The anticipation is killing me so lets get to the house shall we?
*please pin all images from original source*

Was I right or what??
Amazingly beautiful and perfectly styled!!
Danielle did a fabulous job styling her home and her furniture
creations are perfectly farmhouse!!
A huge thank you to Danielle from simply farmhouse for giving me
the opportunity to share her home and work for others to be inspired by!!
For more information on simply farmhouse or to inquire about furniture
purchases go here. To follow simply farmhouse on Instagram go here.
Thank you for stopping by today!!
Hope you all have a blessed Easter!! 

To Plank or Not to Plank..... {the ever changing dining room}

April 17, 2014

Happy Thursday friends!!
I can't believe only two more days until Easter.
This year is going to be a very quite on for us. A little Easter egg hunt with
the kids, a light brunch and church....
So. remember when I purchased the corner cabinet of my dreams..... And I
 just HAD to have it? Well if you missed it,  You can read about the corner 
hutch here.
 Since being on Pinterest and really thinking long and hard about
this space, I have come to realize that what this room really needs is
a symmetrical design and architectural details. My hubby is going to hate
 me, but I'm over the corner hutch already.... Maybe that is why the good
 Lord hasn't given me the energy to begin painting it. Although it's a great
piece, I'm just not feeling it where it is. I can't "corner" it
properly because of the baseboard heating and it's a bit to large for the
smaller wall next to the big bay window.... It's just awkward and doesn't
give the room the least bit of character...
I know what your thinking... I'm nuts, but that's what finding your own
style is all about! You can look at pictures of favorite spaces and
furniture you love all day long, but in the end if it doesn't work in the
space it's got to go!! And on to Craig's List it went!!
What am I going to do now you ask? Good question.  Here are just a few
ideas roaming about in my head right this moment.
So remember I mentioned planked walls....
I am just drooling over this "wonder wall" over at
The Lettered Cottage.... Love Laya's style and I think would be great
on the long wall with the one window that isn't centered...
Then I found this here and love the idea of this type of planked wall. It
has clean lines and I envision decorative shelves on either side of the
window in our dining room....  I'm loving the shelving in the photo below.
I love the look of the floor to ceiling shelves!!
Then there's the nagging question of do I plank the entire dining room or
just the wall with the one small window??
What's your vote plank or no plank?
One wall or all the walls??
HELP ME Please!!!!
So I guess I will hold of on painting the room again until I sell the
corner cabinet.... I may just change my mind yet again!!
It's sure not easy being picky!!!
Ok, time to finish painting the railings in the dining room.
I have a fabulous home to share with you tomorrow!!
So make sure to stop back for my Favorite Home Friday feature!!!
Enjoy the day!!

Wednesday Wish List {mother's day gift guide}

April 16, 2014

It's Wednesday friends....
I'm kind of bummed waking up to cold toes and frost on my lawn. I'm
so excited to share today's Wednesday Wish List with you!!
Mother's Day is just around the corner and although I never really expect
anything, I always have a wish list in my mind. Most of the time all I really
"ask" for is to go out to a nice brunch with my family and if it's nice out,
to get started on planting our flowers....
I have some really cute gifts on my wish list this year.
They are things that I really wouldn't purchase for myself but would
really make for some great Mother's Day gifts!!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
If I only had to choose one it would defiantly be number one.
I adore the idea of having my babies handwriting around my neck...
Such a timeless and really inexpensive gift to treasure!
What is on your Mother's Day wish list??

Baby Inspo Part II {prince of the sea nursery}

April 15, 2014

Hi again friends!!
I'm back on this rainy Tuesday with part two of my baby inspiration board.
Yesterday I shared a "princess" nursery inspiration board with you.
If you missed part one you can read about it here.
 I spoke with my friend this morning and asked her what she thought of
the princess inspiration board.... I'm happy to announce that she LOVED it!!
I'm also so elated to have learned that she and her hubby will in fact be
finding out the gender of their baby!!! YAY!! So excited for them!
Now all I have to do is talk them into having a gender reveal party!!
Ok, for the "prince" nursery I decided to go with a nautical theme.
Coastal d├ęcor is so much fun and I really could have gone crazy with this
inspiration board, there are so many options when it comes to this type
of style. I'm not a coastal gal myself (I'm all country!!) so I really enjoyed
putting this together!!
Here is goes!! Prince of the sea nursery!!
I have to admit if we have number three lord help me and its a boy this is
 the way I'll be going!! I adore the vintage marquee anchor!! I got the idea
from another dear friend of mine who is expecting in May. She has the
exact one in her gender neutral nursery. Thanks for the idea Chelsea!!
Here are both spaces....
Now all we need to do is wait and find out which space will be used...
Boy or Girl????
Finally, as promised the source list.
paint | Benjamin Moore
princess | mauve hint
prince | hale navy
Any other questions please feel free to leave a comment!
I'd love to hear which inspiration board is your favorite!!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Wednesday Wish List!!
Have a great day!!

Baby Inspo Part I {nursery fit for a princess}

April 14, 2014

Happy Monday friends!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!
Spring break is upon us and so are numerous spring projects!!
This week I have the kiddos so there's not much project work being
done in our house, but I had a little time today to create an inspiration board
for a dear friend... She and her husband will be having their first baby
later this fall.... They will not be finding out the gender! YIKES! I don't
know how expecting mommy's & daddy's do it!! I am so impatient I just
had to know with both my kids! For me it left the guess work of choosing
a name and of course decorating the nursery!!
My friend and I thought it would be neat to have me create inspiration
boards for both a prince and a princess!! I will be sharing the "princess"
nursery inspiration board today and the "prince" inspiration board
 tomorrow. Both design boards will be focused around the crib, which is the
 "splurge" piece in both rooms!!
I had so much fun creating this inspiration board!! I hope you
and the mommy and daddy to be love it as much as I do!!
What do you think?
My favorite piece in this room is the sign.... So inspirational...
Especially for a princess....
Be sure to check back tomorrow for the prince nursery inspiration board
and complete sources for both spaces!!

JJ's "Big Boy" Room {inspiration board}

April 12, 2014

What a gorgeous Saturday!!
Hope you are all enjoying this much awaited spring weather!!
Today I thought I would pop in and share an inspiration board I created
for my little man JJ's "big boy" room....
In a few short weeks he will be turning two!!
I can't believe how the time has passed and just how much he has grown.
I adore his room right now and most of the furniture that is in the room now
 will stay, but I think it's time to be done with the crib
and diaper table and his closet needs updating for sure!!
I will be changing up the wall gallery that is currently up and the bedding as
 well. If you haven't seen what the rooms looks like you can find that post
So here is what I'm loving right now for the little man's room.
What do you think??
I adore the idea of using a real tool box to store things from clothes to toys
and the vintage soda crate is a great way to display all those little toys that
never seem to really have a home other than all over the floor.
I am loving that dresser which is way over my budget, but the finish will
be the perfect inspiration for the dresser I found on Craig's List this winter
for only $30!! And how perfect is that marquee letter "J"?? That is a must
for over the bed since the room is a bit narrow and there's really not a lot
of room for a proper head board! It also makes a great night light!!
That's about it!! I need to tackle our master bedroom and the dining room
before I even can think about getting started on the kids rooms!!
You can find more of my inspiration boards here, here and here!!
Have a great weekend friends!!

Favorite Home Friday {the picket fence projects}

April 11, 2014

Happy Friday friends!!
Hope you all had a great week. Today I'm back with my new weekly
feature, Favorite Home Friday!! If you missed lasts weeks post you can
find it here.
I have to say I love Connecticut and I'm proud to be born and raised here.
I grew up on my aunt & uncles horse farm in Redding, not to far from my
home today in Fairfield. I think that is where I acquired my love for a
farmhouse and "country" style living.  I think I can easily describe
my design style as cottage mod meets the farm house with a little twist
of my own flavor mixed in there!!
Today I am so  pleased to feature the home of  Connecticut blogger Caitlin,
Caitlin's style in uniquely her own, a bit of modern country with
a rustic feel. Her home is filled with garage sale steals finds that are
displayed uniquely around her home.
Caitlin is amazingly talented as she and her husband have done
numerous projects around their home that don't break the bank!
To view some of the projects they have tackled so far
you can find them here.
Here is a peak at some of my favorite rooms in her home.
*Please pin images from original source*

Stunning right? My favorite spot in this home is the kitchen nook...
I could sit there all day with a nice cup of tea and a good book!!
To see more of this beautiful home and more info on projects
go here. For entertaining and wedding planning info
go here.  Be sure to check in next Friday for another one of my
favorite homes!!! Have a great weekend!!